Meet Olivia

Bryon and OliviaI treasure this picture because it shows so many of my favorites—being outdoors, freshly fallen snow, Christmastime, and a hug from Bryon.  It’s an older, scanned picture, so it’s far from perfect.  But, for me, photography isn’t about perfect pictures.  It’s about perfect moments.  This was a perfect moment for me and when I look at this picture, my heart and mind is carried back to that special memory.  That’s why I have chosen to use “capture the moment” as my tagline.  My goal with photography is to capture those moments which you can look at later and relive the treasured memory, whether that be your wedding day, how your family has grown over the time, your senior year of high school or a special event that you would like to remember for years to come.

I have thousands of pictures that capture the special moments in my life.  Those moments include camping adventures, a trip to Colorado to teach outdoor education, road trips to visit family and friends, my life on our family farm, mission trips, Christian music festivals and concerts I’ve attended, wildlife I’ve seen while hiking , volunteering with Compassion International, my career as a teacher, and youth events Bryon and I have led.  If you would like to see pictures of these special times, visit our flickr site at .  I am thankful for the many treasured moments the Lord has allowed me to experience and I look forward to the memories He has planned for me to capture in the future!