BryonIs it apparent by looking at this website that I like to describe myself better with pictures than words?  I never was one to enjoy much reading or writing, so I’m thoroughly enjoying this technological age of digital photographs, video clips, websites and creative design.  When I’m not learning new technological tricks, I enjoy spending time outdoors.  Whether I’m skiing, kneeboarding, wakeboarding or just spending time on the water with friends, being on the boat is one of my favorite activities.  Camping is another summer favorite.  When the weather is just right, I enjoy going for a bike ride or taking a run.  I’ve completed 4 marathons over the past few years and hope to pursue several more.  In the winter, you’ll still find me outdoors on the ski slopes.  My family and a few close friends are extremely important to me and I like to enjoy many of these activities with them.  If I’m not with family or friends, I’m hanging out with teenagers.  Youth ministry is my calling and passion and I have a heart to share my life and my faith with students.  A big part of my ministry (and personal enjoyment) is Christian music; sometimes this means attending concerts, but I also love to volunteer and get involved behind the scenes.  If traveling is involved with any of these activities, it makes them even more enjoyable.  I love exploring new places and new adventures.  That’s why I decided to create this website—to share all the great experiences God has brought into my life.