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Cards Against Humanity: Third Expansion f the morning class, dance and home bamboo back to the bedroom, home bamboo, said ah, yesterday that today to go to business, come back at night with me. Bamboo said Han business, almost get a month. Diao said The Cards Against Humanity: Third Expansion case is so easy to write, Thunder said to write a semester is normal. Home bamboo said to criticize ah, at night Come back to accompany, not attentive. Chuckle laugh where the hospitality of you, lady Afternoon dance in the bedroom to see the novel, and so on to come back with her bamboo to go to school outside the cake. Home bamboo asked What kind of cake, looking pretty good. Diao said is the milk cake, Sunday days back when the mother in advance to my birthday, eat is this, can be delicious. So today deliberately buy this, we try. Dinner all the dormitory did not go out to eat, we. stood around the cake, said to wait for the song so willing to eat, not allowed in advance hands. Home bamboo laugh not cut into a piece of it Said good idea, and quickly take the spoon. We all Cards Against Humanity: Third Expansion went to the side of the cupboard to take a good spoon, all holding a spoon tiger eyeing to see With a cake. Bamboo said point candle, dance quickly wish. Dancing quietly promised two, big ring said The last one to say it, you hastened to say. Laughs grace, world peace Everyone laughed, the family said Well, you are Cards Against Humanity: Third Expansion not Stephen Chow, said a good. Dancing biting his lips thought We are healthy, You are the old lady Why not say Wanshou.review their own behavior. He pumping Cigarette, nunu mouth You go. Dancing stood up and opened the door. Home bamboo quickly meet up Dancing, he find you what things Doudiao bowed, said The mother of the tree came to the Department of the teacher. Bamboo heard a cry, said Come on, I cards against humanity jesus I m afraid to stand here again. Chapter 30 On the road home bamboo asked the matter of the ins and outs, incredibly, look back and see the silence to head down, could not help but said You Yeah, too no use, how to let the teacher say you Time to excuse the excuse, so you are so timid, the teacher is more open to you. Dancing embraced the bamboo arms home bamboo, you do not call me, and I have been the whole halo. Home bamboo sigh You are a good bully, and we are so bully you Usually eloquent, this time to speak to the tree mother really hate it, his son so unpromising, but also the nerve to promote everywhere , But also troub. le to the Department, really. Said cards against humanity on ebay do not know how the tree, and I went to see him when he was still hanging bottle. Bamboo said Do not worry about him Think about yourself He is not a mother baby You first baby baby baby say. Dancing does not speak, but more tightly Lanzhu Zhu bamboo arm. After a while, she asked What time is it Home bamboo look at the table 8 o clock. Duo said Oh, had promised the Thunder today to the library to find him, the results But also cool about. Home bamboo said Well, little aunt gran.

not love me, how can he come to my room We we An Ruyan stare at her, my heart has been apprehension, that latent in the corner of the evil vines are now cliffs suddenly flourished, she strongly stressed how are you Or she should not go to the answer She was scared, and she knew that the answer was actually ready Zhang Qingyi flushed, whispered We we he he went to my bed I An Su Yan Teng to stand up, like an electric current through her heart, she was numb. For a time, the room was filled with a layer of embarrassing silence, the two did not speak again. Knocked at the ring at this time rang up, Yan Su Yan Mu ran past the door opened Cheng Yixing side came in and said, Do not you say that today Cards Against Humanity: Third Expansion will be the end of the day I wait for you half a day did not see the shadows. The door to see the presence of Zhang Qingyi, his face sank, What are you doing here See her face Of the tears, from the questioning You have said something. bad Quickly turned to see An Yan, An Su Yan has returned to the usual calm, he calm down, Zhang Qingyi under the guest order We have to go, you Please also leave He came and tried to help her shoulder, but she was out of the way, he puzzled and asked is not what she said to me She said she was thirteen years old fell in love with you. An Su Yan said lightly. What about that He disdained. I never liked her But you you went to her room you she hesitated. His eyes suddenly slipped up, the words.ow cards against humanity hole faq the children, really take them Mozhe, especially the only child, at home, a spoiled, angrily, to us here to board, and some even shoelaces will not be In the past, how did our children develop to compete with other countries The principal was filled with emotion. An Ruyan side to listen to the side of the head, the principal had just feel a lot of early gas dissipated a lot. You go to high school 3 classes, Mr. Li is their class teacher, just you will also serve as a class teacher, you are young people, maybe easier to communicate, we old people to die. Said The principal is not old at all. The principal is ha ha, old myself, old myself The next day, when the school principal with An Ruyan a step into the high school 3 class classroom, the classroom immediately sounded a noisy, and even a loud whistle. Now th. e students Lin frowned, hard waved, the students were quiet down. This is the teacher, to our class practice. Recently because of Lee s family something, so his chemistry class for the time being by the teacher on behalf of the time, she also agents of our class teacher. Lin introduced to the students, below Welcome to the teacher to tell us a few words. Then he took the lead. I hope that in the next two months, I can not and I will be able to meet the students in the past two months. Students to learn to discuss, we can get along with happy.In addition, I welcome the students to give more advice, if ther. {

Cards Against Humanity: Third Expansion his past I was not too concerned about. Sad struggle for a long time, and Diqin to do their own things to say The Home bamboo do not believe to see her half a day, eyes stare rounded round. Until the car, home bamboo did not speak again. Dancing did not dare to say that he kept apologizing. To the mall, home bamboo suddenly stopped and said You know, I have a sense of my mind. We are at ease shopping, other things back to school to say. Nodded, the heart o. f the bamboo to admire incredibly. I thought that if I had such a bamboo so cool so decided. Back to school, dancing the ankles are almost broken, while complaining that they should not wear high heels, while all kinds of clothes bags thrown into the bed. Three ring said buy so much clothes ah Diao said hey, 20 dollars of clothes, the most expensive only 40, buy more than the price of a good clothes. Came to pick up a piece of clothes out of the bag, said The wholesale market to buy clothes ah. Home bamboo sit on the bed, off the shoes rubbed his feet, said That else or else to where Anyway, wear a season do not. Diao laughed and said, Anyway, I wear what are good looking. Three ring hand poke her a finger, said You are fine. Five steps to push the door came to see the dance And the family of Cards Against Humanity: Third Expansion bamboo, said You come back to where the crazy go The three ring said and sweep goods to go. Five rings also come to take clothes to see, and they with the taste, suddenly.on the fourth floor to the west and fifth floor, An Ruyan is living in the fifth floor of the most western top of the penultimate No. 517. In order to take preventive measures , the fourth floor of the stairs to be sealed, girls usually only east can go downstairs. The game was in full swing, suddenly the third floor was shouting fire After the fourth floor of the girls were awakened, smell the cheeks of the atmosphere, suddenly chaos for a g. roup, the corridor in a miscellaneous, Called fire, fire. Then, the electric was pulled. Cheng Yixing out of the time, the fifth floor of the girls have begun to mess down to escape. Corridor, the stairs, pushing, crowded with panic stricken silhouette, take the girl s high decibel screaming. The light beam of the flashlight is flashing. Cheng Yixing squeezed into the stairs, the smoke has become increasingly concentrated, and his intuition told him that An Ruyan did not come out, she lived too far, certainly do not know I read this, he is not squeezed down with the flow of people, but the flow up to squeeze. Tian Hai Nong shouted small course You are crazy The fire is going up I know I went to find An Yan Cheng Yixing side of the push, to avoid the stumbling rushed downstairs girls, while loudly call back. Tian Hairen suddenly dumb, just feel the hearts of bursts of feeling bursts of trouble. If he had any doubt before, and now he has clearly affirmed that among the many s.

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